I'll Cheers to That

(Club Monaco boyfriend blazer, Zara jeans + clutch, F21 v-neck, Topshop boots, Ring is oddly from the Tower of London)

My midterms wrapped up and I had the most fantastic weekend planned out. Not only did my boyfriend fly in to visit but one of my older brothers flew in for a Harvard school trip (yes..he goes to Harvard..puke..yes..I'm jealous). I come from a family of 10 - so it's great whenever we are able to get together. My oldest brother lives in DC as well, so it was time to have a Hall throw-down at Poste for drinks + then Marvin for dinner. Cheers!

A HUGE thank you for all the kind comments!!
I am so grateful that anyone is even reading my blog, let alone taking the time to leave me comments - They absolutely make my day!
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Daphne said...

Such pretty pictures! Those boots absolutely kill me....I really really feel like I need them.... And girl, your skin is so flawless!!!

M. said...

I know nothing off fashion! Can't comment on the look, but I think it's good?? That fuzz is killing me though!!! Adjust aperture speed. Use tripod,chair,box,auto-time, or whatever to compensate hand-shake.

The Queen of Hearts said...

You have incredible skin! Yes, yes what your wearing looks great but I think your best feature is your skin. It is so healthy looking and has such an amazing glow to it.

The Fashion Cloud said...

Simple yet ohh so sophisticated outfit!! loving the boots
Do you live in the US?


rk hall said...

Daphne + Queen: I'm always so envious of everybody else's skin that it's actually a sweet surprise that you think mine is worth complimenting! lol Thanks!!

M: I'm not sure what the fuzz is that you are talking about but if it's in the first picture I wanted that look. Appreciate the advice. :)

Fashion Cloud: I do live in US. DC for now + my hometown is New Orleans.

kimvee said...

Thanks for the comment :) That studded bag & I adore that ring! I love your style & your blog! I am definitely following your blog!


| Tex | Fashion Butter said...

Hot style girl! Love!

Anonymous said...

what makeup/moisturizer do you use for your flawless skin?? any advice would be greatly appreciated!! thanks in advance!! btw, your blogs are awesome! ;)

Melanie M said...

Gosh, that bag is amazing! You're friggin' stunning! I adore your blog! :)


Fashion Frenzy Online said...

You're gorg. I love the outfit especially the ring! :)

Follow if you like?

judy said...

thanks for the tips on the nikon d90. i think i'm definitely getting for sure now.

SheWearSheShares said...

OMG Your thigh high boots are H-O-T HOT! They are simple and exactly what I'm looking for. I hope they still have stock online. TopShop needs to open in San Francisco! What camera do you use for your blog? The pics have great resolution. Love the fusion of architecture and fashion! Oh and thanks for popping by SheWearSheShares!

rk hall said...

Anonymous - I have tried every thing under the sun for my skin.. Currently I am just using Clinique's 3 steps - cleanser, toner, moisturizer. No matter how tired I am, I have to do the 3 steps! lol Plus once a week Aveda's clay mask.
For the glow, I use Mac blush in Smooch. I didn't use it here but sometimes I use Mac's iridescent pressed powder in Belightful also. That will give you a perfect dewy look especially in pics.

Hope this helps! xx

Tanvi said...

├╝ber chic :)