Black + White

(Silence + Noise top + pants, French Connection necklace + bangles, Zara wedges)


I am in love with these shoes from Zara! I have been wanting a pair of Jeffery Campbell pixies but they make my feet look extra big + chunky. I'm not a super tall girl, 5'7ish, but even with that height comes long feet. These vertical stripes help shorten my foot visually.




My experiment: draw inspiration directly from a building first and then apply it to an outfit.
So for this post, I looked to a residential home in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, designed by GLR Architects. The project is an exploration of new materials, including black granite, white exposed concrete, and exposed steel elements - (hence my black + white ensemble with the chunky silver necklace). The building sits on a higher topography than it's neighbors + the stacking of linear volumes creates vistas out into the landscape. My attention was brought unique, striping feature stretched across the black window, and I tried to mimic that texture in my top. What do you guys think?







images: ArchDaily


Tanvi said...

Love it! Awesome shots, very smart pants and really love the shoes! ... I am not a wedges person but I like when fabulous girls like yourself wear then!!! :o)

style baro said...


Dusk said...

WOW!!! You are all kinds of gorgeous!!
...LOVE the wedges and yes, experiment was successful! Very clever!
The 6th pic...oh my...your face, the framing of your arms and the top print echoed by the vase leaf, etc... I love that!

inked said...

you are amazing and inspirational. O how I miss living in new york!


Love it! I love all the photos, just beautiful!

I am a new follower :)



Loren said...

WOW this is a beautiful outfit!
That's such a crazy building! I like how you are taking both of your passions and combining them too

Isabel said...

you have such great style! i want to feature you as a girl of the blogosphere on www.walkoffashion.com !!

Walk of Fashion

Becca said...

first> your shoes are amazing
second> this is a dream house. perfect

rk hall said...

Isabel - That would be awesome! Love your profile picture btw.

Thank you all.. I'm blushing. So sweet.

Mindey said...

Amazing look. Great shots. Stunning outfit & you look fabulous!

Isabelle said...

i love the shirt++shoes combo.x

CMA said...

GORGEOUS, love this look
you have a great blog, keep it up!
thanks for sharing, love it


libys11 said...

wow!! incredible style!!! you look so hot and fierce in those shoes!!! :D

Lucy said...

Omg!! This is gorgeous!! I love the pattern so much and you look fab.

Bohemian said...

Great outfit! Love your wedges!

Mystery Bruises said...

killer shoes, they are edgy like those buildings haha


Sophie said...

this is soo pretty

i love your blog

please check out and follow mine!! i am going to follow yours :o)


B.M.H said...


You are so pretty dear!! Love those shoes


Rosa Couture said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! your look is amazing! i wish i would find such great shoes everytime i enter Zara :)

and i will follow you <3

Anonymous said...

You should model if you don't already.

Song of Style said...

love the shoes and the house...

pelt said...

Im obsessed with your shoes!!!


Tenny said...

ooh i love everything about this! and holy crap you are gorgeous!


Rachel Lynne said...

This outfit is amazing! I love how the stripes in the shoes (jealous!) match your top and that fabulous building. Lovely post! Following!



{ I V Y } said...

girl you are so beautiful!
love the wedges and the pants.


p.s. i'm following now!


Aney said...

Totally chic outfit. Loving the shoes and the HOUSE! It's so lovely and nicely designed.

Phuong said...

you look gorgeous, love this look! And the house is stunning, wow

Emilie said...

You look fantastic!

The Fashion Cloud said...

Congrats on the weardrobe feature, love this outfit!!

our blog is such a nice find


Allegra said...

wow. this is amazing! your pants as well

Daphne said...

Amazing! I love how you interpreted the architecture. It really works. I almost bought those shoes the other day, and am now annoyed I didn't. They're so wonderful. And those are a PERFECT pair of pants!!! Congrats on the weardrobe feature above, btw!

MOLLYKT said...

i loveeeeeeeeeeee your shoes!

Photo said...

i love your blog!!!


Orchid said...

great outfit...and killer shoes. love your blog. cheers!!!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Hi there girlie, I've found your blog through Weardrobe - love your style and love how you post both your outfits and architecture bits on your blog!

Panda said...

Hello there :)
And Thank you soo much for stopping by.
And thanks for your compliments.
It really means a lot to me!
You know what, your blog is amaaaaaaaazing!
Panda xx

Jackie said...

I love your blog. You look stunning in your photos and congrats on the feature on Chictopia and Weardrobe.


Yaryy said...

OMg the house is totally amazing..
you look stunning! those wedges are perfect.. and i love the top.

jessie said...

inspiration from architecture? wicked good! you look fab in those pants...it's difficult to rock harems, i feel. gorgeous, i want this house.

ann said...

love your shoes and your hair! you're so pretty


Erin Nicole said...

I just discovered your blog and I LOVE IT!! As an architecture student, I love mixing my two favorite things fashion and architecture and your blog does it wonderfully!! I love the mixture of patterns in you shoes, top, lovely outfit!!

Anna Katrina said...

you look gorgeous!! & i love zara too

would love you to visit Passport Glamour

Anna Katrina

Nubiasnonsense said...

Love your outfit.. you have a very cool blog and your very pretty!

shoeless simone said...

Absolutely amazing! I love the geometric shapes and the black and white. And congrats on the weardrobe spotlight!

-Shoeless Simone

alyssa said...

this outfit is amazing!!! i saw it on chictopia and ran over to your blog to look at all your other outfits!!! i need these shoes- they are sooo cute!
x alyssa



awww, you're so incredibly gorgeous :) i'm loving all the jewellery & those wedges are TDF, how i wish we had ZARA in australia! i love the fit of your pants & the top is adorable ♥

Isabel said...

congrats on the feature :)

Walk of Fashion

stilettostetico said...

WOOow AND this silhouette sounds very "Timeless chromatic mix with such a Trendy Tribal-likesque twist" . . . that your striking / architectural-likesque Haughtiness strongly tend to electrify !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

bravegrrl said...

amazing outfit and congrats on the feature!


Silvia Couture said...

girllll...you need to be a model!!! I want this whole outfit!

E said...

Wow, the black and white stripes in your look are definitely reminiscent of that building!

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NaMisU said...

wow ur dayum godness butiful lovce ur outfit especially those shoes and bracelets !!!!

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Kara said...

awesome look! congrats on the feature!! :)



like your taste :D nice blog !

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To Vogue or Bust said...

I love love love this outfit! You've got great taste.


Jackie said...

Gosh, your so beautiful! and these homes I LOVE! so different looking