In my own Little Bubble

(Silence + Noise Jumper, Topshop necklace, Topshop bangles + random ones, BR cocktail ring, Aldo heels, UO umbrella)

I'm not sure what happened to the sunny, good-hair days in DC, but this week the weather took a turn for the worst - cloudy, wet + cold. But that shouldn't stop us from putting our heels on, right girls? lol Here I am on the way to the Kennedy Center to see the San Francisco Orchestra with my oldest brother, and I wasn't going to let the rain hold me down. This jumper is uber comfy though, made with the softest cotton, and I am just in LOVE with this umbrella-ella-eh! It feels like a bubble that only you can fit in - like your own private space. I love that.
Note that the SF Orchestra was phenomenal! I get to bum symphony tickets off my brother when his gf can't make it - he's a season ticket holder. I always joke that in my family, we don't have season tickets to the football games, we have season tickets to the symphonies! lol

(Banana Republic rain boots - What I will be walking in to the show lol)







Speaking of an inhabitable bubble, check out this incredible glass dome, designed by Sir Norman Foster. It sits atop the Reichstag building (German Parliament) in Berlin. The dome gives a 360 degree view to the Berlin cityscape. The main hall of Parliament sits below the mirrored cupola, which reflects natural light down onto the debating chamber's floor. Like all of Foster's buildings, careful attention is paid to sustainability. A sophisticated, enormous sun shield tracks the movement of the sun electronically, inhibiting direct sunlight from penetrating into the space.




How cool is that space? Don't you just wish you were there?
There is truly something about being within a dome that excites the human spirit.

Images: Foster + Partners, Wiki


Marie.. said...

Very cool post.. The dome and your umbrella look like they can defenitely be related. lol


Bijou's Style said...

cuteeeee! I love it with the nude shoes

and yes! def would love to be there!!!



kelbyfloyd said...

your ring is even a bubble shape too! awesome!

htbui said...

love your blog and your so gorgeous! =)


Tanvi said...

You are stunning! The jumper looks grt on you. That necklace is eye catching .. and you are right, I wish I was visiting that dome too!

M. said...

Should have illustrated the old world/new design of Reichstag wide view; it's strikingly awesome-weird! Is walking the dome 'exercising ones rights'? :)

CMA said...

great umbrella
love your blog, thanks for sharing!
and thanks for the sweet comments


B.M.H said...

WoW! You are so chic! And so stylish...

You have such a nice blog! Following you ;)


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Oh my gosh you are so absolutely stunning and have amazing style!

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rk hall said...

M - I originally had that in the post, but decided to omit that part. It took away from the visual of the dome.

Whitney said...

great post! you look great in these pics. i love the umbe-rella! And those houndstooth rainboots are awesome!! Good work!



Gela said...

i've always wanted an umbrella like that! i'm gonna try to look for something similar for the upcoming rainy season. :D

also, "The dome gives a 360 degree view to the Berlin cityscape." veeeery cool.


garakami said...

I feel like crying everytime someone has an amazing fucking post and I cannot comment! Don't get me wrong, I love this post, especially the building, so cool, and I love the 4th to last photo of your outfit where you're twirling the umbrella, and while I love fashion, the more interesting part is the architecture!

Now, I've dreamt of going to MIT but it just wasn't in my future, poor pity party, but I've visited Boston many times ! The first time I went I was amazed at Frank Owen Gehry! Maybe as an architect, you've studied a lot of his work, but come on, those Dr. Seuss and wavy, flowing buildings are something out of a dream.

Now that I've gotten that of my chest, I want to see more of these posts!

Please share your architect wisdom with me! Your humble servant, Kenita

rk hall said...

Kenita - Thank you for hat comment! I feel your passion! It's great. I hid the comments on the Daniel Libeskind post because I felt sometimes those types of posts are better left as is. But you're right! It doesn't make sense to not open it up to comment.. so I opened it up! Thanks for the comment again!

xx rk

emily viveur said...

i love your jumper and how it looks with the nude heels. and that dome is incredible!

Silvia Couture said...

love your jumper and necklace! I love architecture and love how you incorporate fashion with both, that dome in Berlin is beautiful!

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Valerie said...

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pilcuis said...

I want my little bubble too!! :)


Syhem said...

I am not a big fan of jumpsuit but it looks stunning on you. Nice pairing with the nude heels!

popdisorder said...

beige shoes are cool