4th of July

I spent the 4th of July weekend in Destin, FL aka the go-to vacation spot for all Louisianaians. A four hour drive from New Orleans will get you to paradise - white sand beaches and crystal clear water. It's spectacular! Me and the BF met my parents at their condo and had the most chill weekend ever.
What did you guys do for the Fourth?

Meet Aaron, the BF. We've been together since 2003... geeeeeez. :)

(VS jeweled swimsuit, Zara shorts, Bebe hat, UO sunnies)

Story of my life - He's in the sun + I'm in the shade!

He let's me do what I what. He loves me. xx

I hate my feet, so this was my payback! lol

No Waffle House here. Health freaks - Turkey sausage + egg whites for vacay.

@ Off the Fifth, fell in love with a pair of L.A.M.B. heels on sale for... $300! That's it! lol Too bad BF was there. He's so friggin' practical.

Hot, right?? He told me to take a picture + move on. I love + miss you L.A.M.B. heels!!

A little shout-out to my little man - Baby Presley - who turned 6 years old on July 2!

We picked him up some birthday treats! :)

(H&M jeans, F21 top, UO hat, SM platforms)



style-haus said...

thanks for sharing your 4th of july vac with us. u look great as always.
u and ur BF make such a cute couple and i can't over over how adorable 'lil presley is!

congrats on the THD featuer btw...they chose the perfect person to represent accomplished, intelligent and stylish women.


Anthea said...

Love these pics! Looks like you had lots of fun. Those L.A.M.B hills are amazing!

Embracing Style

Tanvi said...

You guys are so cute together... No erase that .. So hawt together and in love :) Looks like fab 4th July weekend :)

Gela said...

woah, you & your boyfriend have been together a loooooong time. what a gorgeous couple you two make!!

also, i'm not sure how to say this in least creepy way, but you have great boobs. i'm jealous. :|


boat ride through the sky

rk hall said...

Gela - THXXX! And I don't know how to say this either.. but they're real! LOL I feel like I always have to make that clear because in New Orleans EVERYBODY has a boob job! haha

Thank you guys for the BF comments.. Since you guys think we look good together.. I guess I'll let him stick around! ;P

Daphne said...

Such beautiful photos! You look so happy, which is always nice to see. Sweet photos with your man. And your pup!!!! Love the last look a lot.

Becca said...

Hahaha! Your merman is too funny! What a great picture.

summer said...

fun pictures. the mermaid pic was the best lol

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

What a gorgeous couple you make guys! Congrats on being together for so long (I can totally see how having FIVE brothers could be of help, oh my! FIVE! lol)

Even though the L.A.M.B. heels are hot, I must say your white sandals are super hot too!

Anonymous said...

You look awesome Rach!!

Sherry, Rachel, Shirley said...

omg!!!!!! i wanted the ZED sandals for forver!!!! in the nude color...but couldnt find my size!!! very hot sandals haha

Syhem said...

Adorable outfits. I love your bathing suit, you look like you were having a great time! I hope you bought the L.A.M.B shoes!

Whitney said...

That is the best picture with the fireworks flying out of your head! I love it!

Alice said...

the whole look is great! and I love your dog, I have a pug too - aren't they the best?


Charleston said...

you look amazing, this post exudes everything summer should be about x


www.majormusthaves.com said...

Looks like fun. You are so beautiful!

kimvee said...

Congrats on the feature! and I am so jealous of your beach body! You go girl! hehehe! I've been with my boyfriend since 2002 hehehe you & your boyfriend are cute together :) Have a wonderful week!


justanothergirllivinginthecommodifiedworld said...

hi love your blog! love your style, so chic & stylish..gonna start following! :)


Dusk said...

DANG! You two are a HOT pair!

Love that bikini, you have a killer body! and you must really hate your feet because when you're not burying them, you're burning them!!

...sigh... I make sure I slather myself in SPF creams and lotions because I am a sunworshipper. Back in 'my day', we used to slather ourselves with oil and fry!

Love how the fireworks create a halo around your head!

Two Girls, One Closet said...

i love your photos! and your espadrills! i haven't seen those shoes in years. great blog you have going :)

ps. check out www.twogirlsonecloset.blogspot.com we're new:)