Summer Uniform


All I want to wear this summer are big frumpy, loose shirts and hats to cover my unkept hair. lol It pretty much just sums up how lazy I am! But that's what summer is all about, right? Finding ways to be cute casual.

(Forever21 boyfriend shirt, Mango shorts, UO fedora + sunnies, Vince Camuto heels)



(Michael Kors watch, Banana Republic bracelet, Clutch from the Philippines)

Last time I went to the Phillippines, seen here, my cousins bought me this clutch. It's a small token that reminds me of my roots. I love it.


The Shabby Apple Giveaway has ended! A big hug + kiss to everyone who entered!! The winner will be chosen at random and announced shortly so stay tuned! xx


Anne {beautybitten.com} said...

I love the clutch! I like the color scheme and the shape. Good to know it's from the Philippines, but too bad I won't be able to get it :(. I really like how effortless your outfit looks! xx

jemappelleshen said...

That clutch is killer! The two tone, color bleed effect is stunning. Love it paired with the jean shirt too!


Julie Khuu said...

Casual chic at its finest with your golden tanned legs babe! Have you been on vacay?? There's a glow about you and I don't think it's sweat! hahah

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Tanvi said...

Casual Chic [Julie beat me to it] ... Your long lean legs to match are equally sexy outfit. Love the sunnies too!

♡ from © tanvii.com

simplychic said...

love the shoes and your cute little tattoo :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love the clutch! Even more so since it has a special meaning. And I feel you on wearing loose shirts - I've been loving this look lately too!

Anonymous said...

Is that a wedding ring you are wearing??

Trend Steps said...

Haha me too! it's the easy way out :)

Love this look! :D

Alexandra said...

Well there's nothing frumpy about this outfit...so chic and yet like you said, casual...CUTE casual haha. You look gorgeous, this is such a great summer look!

Alexandra xo


Kirsten said...

Love the Ombre-style clutch and Missoni-esque shoes. So perfect.

Holly said...

Your summer uniform is like, WAY cuter than mine!!! You are so stinkin' cute!

Rachel said...

@Anonymous - Mom? Is that you? haha No, it's actually a diamond band my boyfriend gave to me on our 1st anniversary... 7 years ago.. oiy.

The.Red.See said...

Great look, you look stunning! Love your clutch too!


u look fab! and a great clutch too

theglitterpost said...

looks great, i love loose shirts!



Maggie ☮ said...

I really adore your clutch =]

Anonymous said...

What does your tattoo mean?

Rachel said...

It means "friendship" in Japanese. My bff and I got it when we were 18.. so last year.

*Glam Chameleon* said...

Vince K. heels are dream!! They matched perfect with your clutch! Love the whole look!!! U're one pretty, stylish, sexy and charismatic creature!:) Happy to find your blog!:)

April Lyn said...

I love these heels, great little missoni like print on them and amazing pop of color. I knew you were filipina! SO beautiful!

Love your blog, following

April Lyn