For new Fall fashions, "pop-up" retail shops are the hottest trend.  These small, temporary shops are bringing fashion and an urban edge to under-utilized and vacant spaces.  Pop-up stores are brief interludes, anywhere from a few months to a few days, that aim to help merchants generate buzz and excitement around new products or launches.  These instant shops let retailers and designers collaborate to test new concepts of market place.

The UNIQLO CUBES, by the young firm HWKN, celebrates the Japanese clothing brand's innovative yet classic apparel in smart jewel-like architectural packages.  "HWKN's designed cubes illuminate and enlighten neighborhoods with an in-depth look into UNIQLO's unique product quality.  The pop-up stores showcase UNIQLO by forming simple volumes with high-tech surfaces cladding their gridded surface.  Once the cube is plopped into location, a section of the form slides open like a vault, inviting people to come visit, try on clothes, and purchase the treasures that lay inside.  At night all cubes glow in the dark and mark their presence.  UNIQLO's brand presence emerges from the powerful simplicity of the form, to the glowing facades, all the way down to the details;  unfolding the highest material and manufacturing quality."   


images:  HWKN


kittenmasks said...

This is a great concept, but why are they unrolling these in NYC where there's pretty much a Uniqlo in every neighborhood? Wouldn't it make more sense to roll these out to cities that don't have stand alone Uniqlo stores? Just seems like a great idea is going to waste in cities that are already familiar with the Uniqlo brand.

Julie Khuu said...

Beautifully written babe...love that pop up shops feel more like the artists' collaboration than retail marketing (even though that's the end result)...I believe it's always best to test these shops in completely saturated metropolitan areas to forecast patterns and trends so they know how to filter the brand in future emerging markets...I've yet to visit Uniqlo so this post is a real treat!

Peace. Love. LOL!

eggtartbox said...

I've found pop-up shops really interesting especially for the slice of clothes that is offers the consumer, but I agree that it's a bit odd that these are being seen in NYC especially when the flagship store just opened. Looking forward to seeing how other brands jump on the bandwagon though. xx

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

This particular UNIQLO pop up was designed to promote the opening of two flagship stores in NY. I do think it works in this case because Manhattan is full of wandering tourists who have never even heard of a UNICLO. So as a marketing scheme it works. But, I do agree that it would be best used in other cities, which I believe is where they are headed.

Thanks for the feedback, ladies!

Derick Lee said...

finally uniqlo architecture that fits its name.